Spotlight See, Test & Treat Partner Barnabas Health, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey continues its focus on enabling improved acP HOTOS By: JOH N O’BOyLe A long with our broad reach across the state through our partnership with RWJ cess to advanced cancer treatment and prevention options to the resi- posure they have to learning about cancer prevention,” says Susan Goodin, PharmD, interim director of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital. Along with prevention and dents of the greater essex County region. Through a recently established partnership with University Hospital in Newark, Rutgers Cancer Institute is also expanding its cancer outreach programs to the community. Over the past year, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital has initiated a number of community outreach and education programs to serve the diverse population of this area. Cancer education and awareness sessions are planned in collaboration with local houses of worship. Other events, such as the planning of a Latino Cancer Summit and current Bodega Outreach Initiative, also focus on cancer risk and prevention and the development of action plans to improve access to care. “For some members of our community, these outreach events may be the only exeducation, Dr. Goodin notes bringing research and increased access to cuttingedge cancer treatments also are part of the mission at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital. “Having access to novel therapies through clinical trials only offered at National Cancer Institute-designated centers such as Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Brunswick can be life altering for some patients,” notes Goodin, who is also a professor of medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and executive director of statewide affairs at Rutgers Cancer Institute. “We also are conducting research in order to better understand our diverse population. Along with developing a comprehensive profile of the greater Newark community, we’re examining care delivery processes that influence how patients are transitioned from primary care providers to oncology care providers in this region. Such findings will help us fill important knowledge gaps in defining Newark’s population, cancer burden and health care access challenges,” she adds. Building on the outreach component, a free cancer screening and community health education event called ‘See, Test & Treat’ is planned at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital (205 South Orange Avenue, Newark) this fall. The event will offer screenings for cervical and breast cancers for women ages 21 to 64 that are uninsured or underinsured, with most test results being available the same day. Colorectal screening kits also will be offered for men and women who qualify, and prostate health information will be available for men. Health literature, children’s activities, refreshments, giveaways and interpreter services also will be featured at the October 14 event. I To learn more and register for the ‘See, Test & Treat’ event, call 973-972-0496. Summer 2017 I Cancer Connection I 23