FIGHTagainst Lung Cancer E ntering his 60s, Jim Hufnagel expected to have the aches and pains of growing older: stiffness on waking up, a few muscle twinges after golf or gardening, sore feet following a brisk walk. Sure enough, they arrived like clockwork. What he didn’t anticipate was pain that wouldn’t go away. At first it was just inconvenient—a dull, nagging ache in his left shoulder. But the pain escalated. Eventually it became difficult to put on a shirt or jacket. “Finally I decided to have it looked at,” says Hufnagel. It’s almost impossible to imagine: a seemingly innocuous sore shoulder evolves into a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer a year later. The details of this roller coaster ride are permanently etched in Hufnagel’s memory. After a long search to find out what was wrong, he found his way to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, where he received the expert care he needed. At times he wasn’t sure he’d survive the cancer or the treatment. Individualized B Y M A R Y A N N B Y L I T T E L L S O M E R S P O R T R A I T J O D Y Summer 2017 I Cancer Connection I 15