W hen Holloway-Davis was born, she had jaundice and received a blood transfusion not knowing it contained the how poorly she felt heading into 2013. She didn’t want to risk having a lot of tests and just wanted to “at least get the baby to 30 weeks.” She was willing to endure whatever was necessary “and whatever was wrong with me, we could fix after.” On the day of Super Bowl 2013, Odell returned from playing out of town. His mother stayed with Holloway-Davis in his absence. After hardly eating and being in a severely weakened state, this mother-to-be was taken to the emergency room at Monmouth Medical Center, an RWJBarnabas Health facility. At first it was thought she simply needed fluids, but after further assessment the doctors “took off like wildfire, and it was a race against the clock,” she recalls being told. On the next day, which was their anniversary, Odell was told by the medical team that “we can save your wife, save your child, or try to save them both.” The decision was obvious to this young husband – try to save them both. “I was told he went to the bathroom and prayed and cried. I call him ‘Samsonian’ (referring to the biblical man of strength). I don’t know how I could have endured this without him,” reflects Holloway-Davis. Sedated, she was soon rushed in for an emergency cesarean section. She delivered her little girl, Arya, at 29 weeks and five days – P H OTO By : J O Dy SO M e R S HTLV-1 virus that would remain dormant in her body until her pregnancy. She enjoyed good health while on the island and through her early years in the U.S., having first come to New Jersey as a student at Georgian Court University to work on her BS/MBA. She met Henry Odell Davis III – ‘Odell’ as he is called by most – a professional musician who played at the university’s annual gala. They met via Facebook “when it was only for college students,” she notes. He was attending school at the time for a degree in computer science. Their mutual friends on social media let her know Odell was a “very nice guy.” The two hit it off, and as they journeyed into life as a newly married couple, they settled in Oakhurst near the shore in Monmouth County given Holloway-Davis’ love of the beach. What they didn’t know at the time was three years into their marriage they would face the biggest test of their lives. Bittersweet Challenge W 10 I hile ecstatic about finally expanding their family, “I didn’t think pregnancy was for me,” Holloway-Davis recalls about I Cancer Connection Summer 2017