Homefront A close up look at the lives of faculty and staff members at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and what is important and of interest to them outside of work. furry FRIENDS w P hen times get ‘ruff’ and we just want to roll over, these furry best friends are always there to lend a helping paw and brighten the day. check out some of our staff with their adorable four-legged families! harmacist Ashley Finamore, Pharm D, CGP, BCOP (right), and her 8-year-old dachshund, Charlie, love spending time together. From playing fetch to splashing in the kiddie pool and snoozing under the sun, the two are inseparable. services manager in the Ambulatory Services Department, is the owner of five friendly giants, but these two really know how to show off for the camera. Mugsie (above), an 11-and-ahalf-year old English mastiff, waits patiently by the window for ‘mom’ to come home from work, while King (above, right), a 1-and-a-half-year old cane corso goes for a ride in the back of the family convertible. L illian Ruth, clinic Waldron, RD, CSO (left), loves spending time with husband Dan, son Benjamin and pooches 9-yearold Harry (center) and 2-year-old Catie. A “spoiled” Harry, a Westie/ Chihuahua mix, was “king of the castle” since 2007 until baby brother Ben and pup sister Catie, a Lab/Feist mix, recently came along. Baby Ben loves playing with both dogs now that he can walk and throw their toys to them — and he often serves as referee, getting in the middle of the pups’ tug-of-war games! C linical dietitian Kristin Autumn 2016 I Cancer Connection I 33