Director’s Corner E arlier this fall, along with other canand marrow Transplant Programs, in conjunction with our flagship hospital Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ), are opening up new clinical space in early 2017 right across the street from Rutgers cancer institute’s New Brunswick facility. Also in conjunction with RWJ, our Neuro-oncology Program is in the final stages of opening its new location later in 2016 on nearby Plum Street. As evidenced by the cancer moonshot Task Force, there is strength in collaboration when it comes to the scientific advancement of cancer. As you’ll learn in our clinical Trials corner, our membership in the Oncology Research information exchange Network® (ORieN) is resulting in the contribution of health information from our center and from cancer centers around the United States to a centralized database containing clinical and molecular data that researchers can use to explore new ways to treat cancer. Rutgers cancer institute is also part of the Big Ten cancer Research consortium which fosters scientific collaboration between cancer centers at universities that are part of the athletic conference known as the Big Ten. Ongoing collaborations with academic centers, industry and other entities also are helping us develop new clinical trial opportunities and advance treatment discoveries. As Rutgers cancer institute further commits to meeting and exceeding the aims of the cancer moonshot initiative, we hope we will have your continued support in order to drive and accelerate that progress. Sincerely, cer center directors, leaders from industry, government, foundations, societies and other stakeholders in the war against cancer, i attended a White House briefing to learn of the task force recommendations put forth as part of Vice President Joseph Biden’s ‘cancer moonshot’ initiative. Among the strategic goals is to shift how cancer researchers share and access scientific information so that a ‘silo’ mentality no N i c k R O m A N e N kO longer exists. Other aims include strengthening clinical and research collaborations and expanding access to cancer care. As a National cancer institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, Rutgers cancer institute has always had a focus on collaboration – internally amongst our faculty members as well as externally with our colleagues around the state, nation and the world. For instance, we recently launched a partnership with University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, to expand oncology services to the greater essex county region (page 2). This includes enabling access to clinical trials that may only be available through Nci-designated centers, enhancing the focus on cancer prevention and education efforts, and understanding barriers to cancer prevention, screening and care in the diverse population of Newark. mark cicon’s story (page 8) illustrates the importance of access to comprehensive care and the critical need to expand research on what drives rare cancers like plasma cell leukemia. increasing access to such specialized care, the Hematologic malignancies and Blood Bruce G. Haffty, MD Interim Director Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey bruce g. haffty, MD Interim Director and Chair, Radiation Oncology David A. August, MD Interim Chief, Surgical Oncology Joseph R. bertino, MD Chief Scientific Officer Kevin Coyle Chief Financial Officer shabbar Danish, MD Chief, Neurosurgical Oncology Richard Drachtman, MD Interim Chief, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology David J. Foran, PhD Chief Informatics Officer and Executive Director, Biomedical Informatics shridar ganesan, MD, PhD Associate Director for Translational Science and Chief, Molecular Oncology susan goodin, PharmD Executive Director, Statewide Affairs howard l. Kaufman, MD, FACs Associate Director for Clinical Science isaac yi Kim, MD, PhD Chief, Urologic Oncology edmund C. lattime, PhD Associate Director for Education and Training sharon Manne, PhD Associate Director for Cancer Prevention, Control and Population Science Janice Mehnert, MD Director, Phase I and Investigational Therapeutics lorna Rodriguez, MD, PhD Director, Precision Medicine and Interim Chief, Gynecologic Oncology Karen shapiro, MbA, MPh Chief Operating Officer Roger strair, MD, PhD Chief, Hematologic Malignancies and Blood and Marrow Transplantation Antoinette M. stroup, PhD Director, New Jersey State Cancer Registry linda tanzer Chief Administrative Officer and Associate Director for Administration and Planning Deborah l. toppmeyer, MD Chief Medical Officer and Chief, Solid Tumor Oncology eileen White, PhD Deputy Director and Associate Director for Basic Science steven Zheng, PhD Division Chief, Cancer Pharmacology