A Day at a Time W ith a thriving family plumbing business, her only child in high school and her family settled in their dream home, Lisa Schepisi already looked at life as a gift. What she didn’t know at that time in 2004 was that for the next 12 years, each day would become a precious treasure. Diagnosed with appendix cancer that year at the age of 40, she began an unexpected journey of multiple recurrences and treatments including a major, invasive surgery only offered at a handful of specialty centers across the country. Drawing on personal strength and humor, her loving husband, daughter, close family and friends, and a care team involving her community oncologist and specialists at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, she had the support she needed to undergo that unique procedure not once – but twice. B Y M I C H E L E F I S H E R P HOTO By: N ick ROmAN eN kO Autumn 2016 I Cancer Connection I 15